Dragin ball Super Episode 78 - Plot end Gohan

Dragon ball Super Episode 78 – Plot end revealed before it even began

Without wasting any time “universe survival arc” is delivering us crispier stuff, however i suspect that in today’s episode i.e in Dragon ball Super Episode 78 ┬áthe end of the arc was revealed even before it began or its most likely a foreshadowing because, currently there are two theories floating on the internet after today’s

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Watching anime first time read this

Watching Anime First time? Few things you can consider before starting!!

Watching Anime First time – last year i did a recommendation which consisted a list of over 100 anime series, from which you can choose the anime that you want to watch it, if you’re watching anime for the first time. Read more in detail – Anime starter pack. However, the problem i encountered is

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Nanatsu No Tazai Manga

Nanatsu No Tazai Manga on Hiatus till Jan 2017 Author Hospitalized

Nanatsu No Tazai Manga – The first early issue of weekly shounen jump magazine of 2017 announced that Nanatsu No Taizai Manga Author will put Manga on hiatus till January 2017. Hence the manga will be on break because the author will be going through a surgery. As for now there is no chapter scheduled

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Top 07 Popular Manga totally different compared to today!!

Top 07 Popular Manga that were totally different –┬áManagas like One Piece, Dragonball Naruto etc. are lot popular today among the all mainstream shounen series. But there are few things that are not known to many of the people about these popular series. So in this article we will see top 07 popular manga which

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Accel world Infinite Burst Movie

Accel world Infinite Burst Movie Review – Goosebumps Guaranteed!!

Accel world Infinite Burst Movie – Finally i got to watch Accel world Infinite Burst Movie today, After One Piece Film Gold, Kimi No Na Wa and Kono Sekai No Katasumi Ni, this is my fourth new anime movie of this year. Personally i was getting feel that i was watching, Accel world Season 2

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Secret agent anime

Top 20 Secret Agent Anime or Spy Anime series of all time!!

Top 20 Secret Agent Anime – Until now we have done many similar recommendations which includes top 10 political brain game anime series and top 22 mind game anime series. This time we are going to recommend you something similar or you could say that its related to these above similar recommendations we did earlier.

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