Kickstarter anime funding

Kickstarter launching in Japan studios can raise funds for anime projects

Kickstarter announced that they are extending their business in Japan, this will allow Japanese animation studios to raise funds for their new anime projects. The Japanese platform for kickstarter will be fully functional till later this year!!. This is what they tweeted through their official twitter account :- Big news! Creators in Japan will be

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Initial D Fifth Stage director reveals how much he earns per anime

Initial D Fifth stage technical director, Nishimura Taiki took twitter to reveal how much he earns per anime. He has been working for over 20 years in the anime industry and new is regarded as one of the veteran director, and even now he is still active in this particular field. He is known for

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Osamu Tezuka working

Osamu Tezuka – The road till Astro Boy Anime [Lifestory]

Being familiar with anime & manga, the two entertainment fields of art & storytelling, We’re all aware of the fact that a man called “Osamu Tezuka” is behind these two entertainment fields, which are now popular all over the world. And until now these two fields have given countless of opportunities to young artists to express

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Anime Music & Anime industry focusing on International Market

Anime music producers and creators are now seeing international market’s potential, as they desire to expand their business internationally during a podcast, where the three big trio’s of anime music industry share their views on the potential and financial health of International market. Last year, we discussed, how the anime industry is suffering due to shortage of

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Sukasuka Anime’s Child Voice Actress is a First Grader!!

At Anime japan 2017 i.e on Sunday, during the presentation of new Sukasuka Anime (Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii Desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desu ka? ) kadokawa introduced a youngest voice actress, who is actually a first grader, called “Okada Hikari” Anime Japan 2017 was her first ever public appearabce as a voice actress,

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Kazunori Mizuno – Naruto & Bleach animator passed away!!

The famous Naruto and Bleach Animator – Kazunori Mizuno, passed away due to overwork (Karoushi) at the age of 52. He passed away on 19th March 2017, but his death wasn’t made public until his colleagues broke the news on twitter yesterday i.e on 9th April 2017. You can read the news on twitter revealed by

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