Oculus Rift founder on Rem and Subaru Sidestory

Oculus Rift founder wants to fund Subaru & Rem’s sidestory anime

Apparently, Oculus Rift founder took Twitter to express his desire to fund Rem’s side-story anime, Palmer Luckey, is the founder of Oculus VR and Designer of Oculus Rift, and he sold it to Facebook for $3 Billion Dollars. Palmer Luckey is also a Anime Fan and he got the international anime community excited when he tweeted

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Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 - Izuku Transformed

Boku no hero academia shows how shounen series should be made

Boku no Hero Academia anime & manga is living up to the expectations of people and this might even redefine the Shounen Genre of the anime & manga world. Even before the anime was released the original source i.e the Manga was hailed as something that would replace one pillar among the four pillars of

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Kimi no na wa - Mitsuha was stalker

Mitsuha from Kimi no na wa was originally going to be a stalker!!

A recent interview of Makoto Shinkai and Producer Kawamura Genki was revealed by Japanese news website “Hachiman Kiko” and in that interview, Shinkai revealed that he originally planned to make Mitsuha a stalker!!. As you are aware of the fact that Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name/Kimi no na wa was a massive global hit, however just like every

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Funimation Piracy hunt

Funimation going to take down Illegal anime streaming sites

Piracy is the most targeted issue out there, and the government is on a piracy hunt, as the popularity of these pirates is constantly increasing, and this results in huge loss of business. The majority of Torrent websites like “Kat Torrents” are shutting down, so Funimation has also entered the jungle of “Piracy” to hunt

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Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla - Universe Survival Arc

Universe survival arc super saiyan bargain sale has logic behind

Universe survival arc – In the review of Dragon ball Super episode 92, i explained the logic behind how caulifla is able to transform into super saiyan so easily. If you want you can read it here – The logic behind Super saiyan transformation. But lots of people can’t come in terms with the simplicity of

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Kickstarter anime funding

Kickstarter launching in Japan studios can raise funds for anime projects

Kickstarter announced that they are extending their business in Japan, this will allow Japanese animation studios to raise funds for their new anime projects. The Japanese platform for kickstarter will be fully functional till later this year!!. This is what they tweeted through their official twitter account :- Big news! Creators in Japan will be

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