Btooom anime smartphone game maker promises season 2 for anime!

On Monday, Hayashi Masato released¬†a smartphone game app for Btooom anime and at the end of the event he revealed that Btooom anime will get season 2 if the app ranks 5th in Japanese ranking! Btooom anime smartphone game details The game developed by Hayashi Masato is a multiplayer smartphone game dubbed as ‘Stealth bomber

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Fairy tail dragon cry movie trailer

Fairy tail Dragon cry movie trailer teases the end of Fairy tail

Fairy tail dragon cry movie trailer is out and to be honest, the scenario looks epic because the movie teases the end of the story as well as the end of the manga. The reason why i am saying this because not only they announced that the manga is final arc, the trailer of the

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Boruto next generation anime characters staff cast and preview

Boruto next generation anime is going to air on 5th april 2017, and today we got our hands on the official details about the Boruto next generation anime characters and other details such as, staff, cast, preview and two new visuals for the TV Anime series revealed by the official website. Boruto next generation anime

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Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 coming shortly – Viz Media Senior Director [Updated]

The ICV2 posted an interview of Viz Media senior director ‘Kevin hamric’ of sales and marketing department, who cited that Tokyo ghoul season 3 is coming shortly. If you’re interested you can read full interview on their official website – Interview with Kevin Hamric. So lets focus on the main question instead on focusing on

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Hajimete no gal anime

Hajimete no gal anime series will premier on July 2017

Last week on February 15th 2017, we reported that the official website of hajimete no gal anime series launched a new key visual for the anime series which is adapted from the manga, written by ‘Ueno Meguru’ Here is the link for the official anime website of Hajimete no gal Manga :¬†Official website Today, we

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Boruto next generation anime release date

Boruto Next Generation Anime releases on 5th April 2017!!

Its finally here, the upcoming issue of weekly shounen jump magazine revealing that the Boruto next generation anime is going to be released on 5th April 2017! Along with that it also revealed the cast and staff working on the new Boruto next generation anime series Boruto Next Generation Anime release date & details As

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