Boruto next generation anime release date

Boruto Next Generation Anime releases on 5th April 2017!!

Its finally here, the upcoming issue of weekly shounen jump magazine revealing that the Boruto next generation anime is going to be released on 5th April 2017! Along with that it also revealed the cast and staff working on the new Boruto next generation anime series Boruto Next Generation Anime release date & details As

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Dragon ball Super episode 81 Spoilers confirmed

Dragon ball Super Episode 81 Spoilers – Goku vs Crusher Bergamo [Update]

This week we’re getting spoilers for Dragon ball Super Episode 81 from one and only herms98, who is responsible for giving all the confirmed spoilers for Dragon ball super. So those don’t want to get spoiled, please refrain from reading this article further and those who are interested lets check out Dragon ball super episode

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Fairy tail dragon cry movie poster

Fairy tail dragon cry movie to release on 6th may & more details!!

Last month on January 1st we got the news that the new ‘Fairy tail dragon cry movie’ is going to be released this coming spring of the year 2017. Its actually quite an old news – That’s because Kodansha’s ‘Weekly Shouen Magazine,” already announced in May 2015, that Fairy Tail was getting a new movie.

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The irregular at magic high school movie trailer

Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei Movie Trailer is out – Watch Now!!

The official website of Mahouka koukou no rettousei movie revealed the new Mahouka koukou no rettousei movie trailer, featuring the characters cast names and staff names. The movie is titled as “Mahouka koukou no rettousei : Hoshi o Yobu Shoujo” also known as “The irregular at magic high school : The girl who calls the stars.” Mahouka

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Sword art online season 3 confirmed with teaser – SAO will return!!

Last time we informed you that Sword art online season 3 or SAO season 3 was confirmed at the end of the movie, in advance screenings in Japan and fans confirmed that the the anime will continue with Season 3 i.e Alicization arc. However fan confirmation has no weight it becomes nothing more than a rumor.

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Naruto shippuden ending

Naruto Shippuden prepares for end – Studio focuses on ED and Boruto

On February 15 2007 Naruto shippuden debuted for the first time and 10 years later, the studio is preparing for the final arc featuring Naruto and Hinata wedding the story is adapted from the konoha hiden light novel. After that they are going to focus on Boruto next generation anime, which is set to release

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