Top 10 best Anime Series that should definitely get a remake

In Anime industry we have seen many remakes of anime series, but this particular phenomenon is something that occurs very rarely (well not that rare). So today, I decided to make a list of Top 10 best anime series that should definitely deserve or get a remake, just like the other anime series got, and

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Top 10 anime aried on Cartoon network

Top 10 Anime that aired on Cartoon Network during childhood

Majority of anime fans got into anime during their childhood days, and even i was one of those fans. I first started watching Japanese anime series on Cartoon Network. And during my childhood, Animax and Cartoon Network’s Toonami was the two greatest sources to anime. So i had a moment of nostalgia today, and i

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Top 10 Manliest classic anime part 01

Top 10 Manliest classic anime series worth watching!! Part 01

Since last week, i was watching classic anime, So i thought why not make a recommendation list of classic anime series. But i remembered, that previously i already made similar kind of list. So i trimmed down my choices and prepared a list of top 10 manliest classic anime series which according to me are

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Top 100 Anime series by NHK

Top 100 Anime best series announced by NHK Japan!!

To celebrate or commemorate the 100 years of Japanese anime history, NHK Japan, announced the top 100 anime series of the entire anime history at NHK BS premium. The list is based on the audience votes that Japanese anime fans. Top 100 Anime Series – best series of the entire anime history Note :┬áNumber of

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Top 10 light novel anime

Top 10 Light novel anime according to Japanese that needs sequel

Another Japanese poll taken by “Anime! Anime” which is about top 10 light novel anime that needs sequel. As the name suggest, this time, Japanese fans voted for their 10 best light novel anime adaptation that definitely needs sequel! and over 2500 people participated in this poll event and it seems that their views and

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Top 15 Winter 2017 Anime According to Japanese Fans

Akiba Souten asked fans (Japanese fans) to vote for top 15 winter 2017 anime, and total 30715 people participated in this poll and according to all these Japanese fans here are the 15 best winter 2017 anime. Top 15 Winter 2017 Anime by Japanese fans Note : The ranking of the anime series and all the

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