Naruto Shippuden 460-461 episodes – Interesting unsatisfactory

Naruto Shippuden 460-461 Episodes – As we are already aware that “Otsutsuki Kaguya” fillers started last week. So we finally got to know some key parts about Kaguya’s background, for which we were always curious. Although Manga had some details about her past life and her overall background but its also true that there were

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Naruto Shippuden Kaguya story

Naruto Shippuden Kaguya story is starting this week

Naruto Shippuden Kaguya Story – Well we thought that, Naruto Shippuden got back to canon with end of the Itachi’s story in episode 458 but seems we were wrong, since episode 459 stated that from episode 460 onwards we are getting background story of Kaguya. Well its frustrating that we are going back into the

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Naruto Shippuden 454-458 - Kaguya

Naruto Shippuden Episode 454-458 – Enter Otsutsuki Kaguya

Naruto Shippuden Episode 454-458 Review – Itachi’s story started at Naruto Shippuden Episode 451 and ended at Episode 458, but the last part of Itachi story, only lasted half part of episode 458 and then its back to canon episodes. Finally Otsutsuki Kaguya made her debut entrance and marked the end for the fillers and

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One Piece episode 734-738

One Piece Episode 734-738 Review – Enter Luffy vs Four Emperors?

One Piece Episode 734-738 Review – So one piece finally wrapped up with its dressrosa arc and truly it was one of the lengthiest arc of one piece ever! Although when you consider the pace of one piece episodes, then it safe to say that the arc was extended. I think its one of the

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Big Order Episode 1

Big Order Episode 1 Review – Old Thing with New Concepts?

Big order Episode 1 – So today i watched this new Anime called Big Order, The Manga is from the same Author who wrote Mirrai Nikki also known with its other name Future Dairy. For someone like me who haven’t read the Manga and haven’t even watched the OVA which was released years ago, The

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Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 - Izuku Transformed

Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 Review – Inheriting Power!!

Boku No Hero Academia Episode 3 – The second episode of the Anime was filled with feel which made us cry but this week’s latest episode i.e episode 3 made us determined. Well to be honest this episode was nothing special but it was entirely dedicated to pure training of the Main character, which would

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