Dragon ball Super Episode 91 - Kale

Dragon ball Super Episode 91 – Kale is Pure Yandere?

Dragon ball super episode 91 is out and after a very long time, we got to see Goku’s biting during a training session with Whis and what’s more it was 500 times stronger than before, because he did it in “Gravity Chamber”. Well, Jokes aside, today’s episode was more like an introduction to all the

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Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 7

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 7 – The Eye & Real Motive

Boruto naruto next generations episode 7 is out and finally the series is shifting towards some major things that are occurring in the story right now. One of the biggest question i had after watching the last week’s episode that. Now that Mitsuki is done with his testing Boruto’s worth, why would he still keep

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Koe no Katachi Review

Koe no katachi Review – Emotions will crush you [No Spoiler]

Koe no Katachi Review – Last November i wrote an in depth review of Koe no Katachi Manga, and in that, i asked, how Kyoto animation intends to fit such highly detailed story into one hour movie? Because in Manga there are characters and small moments that are important and hence, my question did made

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Dragon ball Super Episode 90 – The form that nobody has seen!!

Dragon ball Super episode 90 is the episode we’ve been waiting for since the last week, because the episode focuses on mock battle between Goku and Gohan. And since Piccolo told him to reach new heights just like his father and surpass him, this episode was even more important in terms of his growth. However,

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Cross Ange Anime

Cross Ange anime is illogical trainwreck which is so bad that its good

One of my friend recommended me to watch Cross ange anime, and after binge watching it, i feel that this anime is worthy of receiving anĀ Oscar nomination. As it shows the extreme level of sexual frustrations of a mad scientist who claims and thinks himself as god, that will guide humanity to a new world.

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Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 6 – The investigation starts

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 6 focuses Mitsuki’s point of view towards the whole concept of “friendship” and “bonds”. And it also focuses on the Shino’s character development as a teacher or sensei. While we all get to that point and discuss on how the episode was. Allow me to inform you one thing about

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