Dragon ball Super Episode 80

Dragon ball Super Episode 80 – Gohan’s death battle & Growth

Gohan is getting his groove back step by step and this Dragon ball Super Episode 80 showcased that progress. The staff working on the anime has been reminding us for a quite a while that Gohan is getting back in shape while training with piccolo and with a little self training. However, we the fans

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Dragon ball Super episode 79

Dragon ball Super Episode 79 – Majin Buu’s epicness & development!

This week Dragon ball Super episode 79 was continuation of previous episode from where it ended last week, and as expected Majin buu was playing with his opponent! But what was more surprising is the development of Majin buu’s character! Well its not like that he is getting a complete character renewal but its like

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Ryuu no Haisha Episode 01 Review

Ryuu no Haisha : The dragon dentist episode 1 – Kill la Kill 2?

The dragon dentist or Ryuu no haisha, is the anime which i was anxiously waiting for ever since i watched the trailer. What made me curious towards it was the weird but exciting concept of the anime and the dragon dentist episode 1 (Ryuu no haisha episode 1) made me even more curious. One thing

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Naruto shippuden episode 495 featured

Naruto Shippuden Episode 495 – Final Arc Naruto Hinata Wedding P2

This week’s Naruto shippuden episodes was one hour special combining the previously reviewed Naruto shippuden episode 494 and the latest release Naruto shippuden episode 495 which focuses on the event after the episode 494. Well in my previous review i did mentioned about to say goodbye to serious arcs and serious action because the calm

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Naruto shippuden episode 494

Naruto Shippuden Episode 494 – Final arc Naruto Hinata wedding P1

Starting today Naruto shippuden embarked on its final journey with the final arc konoha hiden, that started from Naruto shippuden episode 494. So lets wave goodbye to serious arcs and action scenes because the calm-types episodes are going to be released every week. Read this –┬áSchedule of Naruto shippuden for February and March. Update –

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Dragin ball Super Episode 78 - Plot end Gohan

Dragon ball Super Episode 78 – Plot end revealed before it even began

Without wasting any time “universe survival arc” is delivering us crispier stuff, however i suspect that in today’s episode i.e in Dragon ball Super Episode 78 ┬áthe end of the arc was revealed even before it began or its most likely a foreshadowing because, currently there are two theories floating on the internet after today’s

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