Top 10 Manliest classic anime part 01

Top 10 Manliest classic anime series worth watching!! Part 01

Since last week, i was watching classic anime, So i thought why not make a recommendation list of classic anime series. But i remembered, that previously i already made similar kind of list. So i trimmed down my choices and prepared a list of top 10 manliest classic anime series which according to me are

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Top 100 Anime series by NHK

Top 100 Anime best series announced by NHK Japan!!

To celebrate or commemorate the 100 years of Japanese anime history, NHK Japan, announced the top 100 anime series of the entire anime history at NHK BS premium. The list is based on the audience votes that Japanese anime fans. Top 100 Anime Series – best series of the entire anime history Note :┬áNumber of

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Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 5 – Mitsuki’s Intentions

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 5 is out and to understand this episode well, you need to first check out a side story of Naruto Manga that is about Mitsuki’s past and where he came from. That Manga also describes his intentions of infecting everyone with the dark chakra and testing Boruto’s worth and Mettle.

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Shirobako anime website prepares for announcement

Shirobako Anime Website Under Construction!! is it for Announcement?

The official website of Shirobako anime went under construction mode on Tuesday, although, it was just the home page that was under construction, the other pages were normal!. The official twitter account of the anime franchise stated that there is no major announcement yet. Although, the staff stated that there will be various other things

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Dragon ball Super ending confirmed by Toyotaro

Dragon ball Super ending – illustrator Toyotaro confirms in comic con

Apparently, during the Napoli comic con that took place in Italy, the successor of Toriyama Akira, confirmed that Dragon ball Super ending is coming near. The Napoli comic con took place in the city of Naples, where the illustrator Toyotaro for the Dragon ball Super manga was present at the event and during the Q&A

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Dragon ball super episode 87-88

Dragon ball Super Episode 87-88 : Gohan Android 17 & Caulifla

Dragon ball Super episode 87-88 : Finally got to see the new female saiyan and her name is “Caulifla” which is also known as Cauliflower. While we are laughing at the awkward naming sense of Toriyama, to be honest in today’s episode her character was only introduced. She does have a female look like it

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