Sekaisuru kado - Yahakui Zashuina

Sekaisuru Kado shows humanity’s inner power struggle

Sekaisuru Kado anime is carefully crafted anime, which might be even called as a dark horse of this season. The anime has its own charm which can be understood only if you watch it. However, this is just a speculation on my part but, according to me, this anime is the most underrated anime of

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Boruto naruto next generations episode 4

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 4 – The culprit behind?

Boruto Naruto Next Generations episode 4 was going to be interesting, i thought this last week because i expected to see Sarada vs Boruto. But i guess i expected too much from this episode, instead of a fight between Boruto and Sarada, we got to see fight between Girls and Boys. However, its not that

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Top 10 light novel anime

Top 10 Light novel anime according to Japanese that needs sequel

Another Japanese poll taken by “Anime! Anime” which is about top 10 light novel anime that needs sequel. As the name suggest, this time, Japanese fans voted for their 10 best light novel anime adaptation that definitely needs sequel! and over 2500 people participated in this poll event and it seems that their views and

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Relife anime final arc

ReLiFE Anime Final Arc airs on March 2018 : 4 Episodes Only!!

Producers of the ReLIFE Anime announced that, ReLIFE Anime final arc will be released on March 2018. The anime will wrap up the story of ReLIFE series within four episodes!. According to Japanese news site Moca News, this information was first revealed at the special event hosted today i.e April 23rd 2017, at Kawaguchi cultural

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Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 3

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 3 – Shikadai & Metal Lee

Boruto naruto next generations episode 3 is out and though this episode is about Metal lee we get more focus on Shikadai and his family life. Well considering Shikamaru’s personality he raising his kid well but, yeah, nothing can be done about moms they are scary. So as i said even though this episode is

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Sakura quest anime targets two important social issues in Japan

So my friend requested me to watch a new ‘Sakura quest anime’, which she liked very much. She is fond of calm drama and most of the anime she recommended me were good, Showa genroku rakugo shinju and Uchoten Kazoku and many more such anime were recommended to me by my friend and i enjoyed

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