Dragon ball Super episode 82 - Toppo

Dragon ball Super episode 82 – Goku vs Toppo the Saiyaman!!

Today, In dragon ball super episode 82, we have encountered another Saiyaman and he is Toppo from Universe 11. And Gohan’s reaction was like – “Are you my long lost brother?” Well keeping the jokes aside, this episode just leveled up the hype and curiosity of Universe survival arc! Considering that there are even more

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Sangatsu no lion anime season 2

Sangatsu no lion season 2 for anime announced for October 2017!!

The anime, Sangatsu no lion ended today i.e on Saturday and soon after that it was announced that Sangatsu no lion season 2 for television anime series is confirmed and will be released in the month of October this year! Sangatsu no lion is the anime series adapted from manga (same name as anime) written

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Fuuka Akitsuki - Fuuka Anime

Fuuka Anime : Why Fuuka did not die in anime reason revealed!

The 10th episode Fuuka anime revealed a major story change, In which Fukka narrowly escapes death, when originally she was supposed to die. The original author of Fuuka manga and many other members from the staff working on the anime, discussed and revealed why she didn’t actually die in Anime. NOTE :┬áThis article contains major

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BanG Dream Anime

BanG Dream Anime Merchandise not selling!! [Officially Ignored]

BanG Dream anime series is officially the number 01 most ignored anime of 2017. The merchandise are not selling and a Japanese store literally begging fans to buy merchandise! Bushiroad had hopes that BanG Dream would be the next big multimedia group band however it looks like the anime has failed to generate connection among

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Naruto shippuden - Evolution

Naruto shippuden time-slot goes to Snack world anime from 13th April!!

Snack world anime takes over Naruto shippuden time-slot of Thursday from 13th April, announced the official website of level 5 on Wednesday. In other words there won’t be Naruto shippiuden anime from next to next week! Naruto shippuden time-slot change details The new anime project “Snack world” will air on TV Tokyo on Thursdays (7:25

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Naruto shippuden episode 496-499 - Hinata

Naruto shippuden episode 496-499 : Concluding the secret mission!!

Naruto shippuden episode 496-499 : Finally, this arc of Hinata and Naruto’s wedding is coming to an end, next we will see Naruto and Hinata in their formal wedding attire. This week’s episode gave conclusion to the secret mission which Kakashi gave everyone at the end of the episode 494, which i explained it in

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