Violet Evergarden TV Anime

Violet Evergarden listed as 2017 TV Anime Series by MiracleBus

MiracleBus the company which handles the composer and lyricists management posted on their official website that Kyoto Animation’s Violet evergarden is listed as 2017 anime series. Along with that they even mentioned that Evan call is in-charge of the music and Ikeda Takahiro is the music director for Violet evergarden TV Anime series. This TV

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Kodansha light novel contest

Kodansha bans light novels of Teen heroes & Isekai Genre for contest

Kodansha is hosting a light novel contest in which they banned all Teen Heroes and Isekai Genre Light novels, as the light novels belonging to these genre are overwhelmingly popular!!. As we all are aware of this fact that Teen super heroes or teen heroes light novel genre and Isekai light novel genre, is popular

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Takeda Hinata – Gosick illustrator passed away due to unspecified illness

The author of Gosick light novel Sakuraba Kazuki announced on her official blog that the illustrator of Gosick light novel series “Takeda Hinata” passed away due to an unspecified illness. The June issue of Kadokawa’s Dragon age magazine also reported Takeda Hinata’s death today. She also authored and illustrated “Yaeka no Karte” manga series. Details

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Spice & Wolf new novel to be released on May 10 – Dengeki Bunko

The¬†official twitter account of Dengeki Bunko announced that a new novel of Spice & Wolf series will be released on 10th May 2017. The new novel is even mentioned in their new releases on their official website. If you want you can see the official announcement here – On their official website. Read this –

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Netflix death note movie

Netflix Death Note Movie trailer is out shows Light and Ryuk!

Netflix’s¬†official twitter account uploaded the very first official trailer of Netflix death note movie, which features Light and Ryuk! Nextflix will stream the film on its premier on 25th August 2017. Netflix death note movie trailer The following actors are working in this live action movie : Nat Wolf as Light Turner Keith Stanfield as

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Overlord Anime Season 2 Confirmed news

Overlord Anime Season 2 confirmed at the end of movie screening

According to Japanese news website Moca news, at the end of the screening of overlord’s second compilation movie, it was announced that Overlord Anime Season 2 is under work. The screening also revealed the teaser of Season 2 of the Overlord Anime Series. Overlord Anime Season 2 details Moca news reported the following news about

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