Naruto Shippuden Schedule - New Anime Schedule

Naruto Shippuden schedule from 17 Nov to 8 Dec – New Anime!!

Naruto Shippuden schedule for 17 November 2016 to 8 December 2016, is now finally out! OK this time the schedule comes with good news and bad news. The bad news first is that there won’t be episodes on 17 November 2016 and 24 November 2016. The series is on the break for 2 weeks. The

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High School DXD Season 4 for TV Anime series confirmed!!

High School DXD Season 4 РAt Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai which took place in Japan on Saturday i.e On 22nd October, it was announced that Full Metal Panic will get new TV Anime Series along with that, it was also announced that High School DXD will get new TV Anime series that will act as a

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Sakurada Reset Light Novel get TV Anime and 2 Live action Movies

Sakurada Reset Light Novel – Recently we got news that a TV Anime adaptation and 2 Live action movies adaptation for Kouno Yutaka’s teen sci-fiction/fantasy light novel has been confirmed. The live action movie project will be divided into two parts which will open in Japan in next two months i.e in spring. With the

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Dungeon defense light novel review – This novel is really an epic one!!

Dungeon defense light novel review – So its been quite a while, since i wrote my last review on light novel and well its not like that i didn’t wanted to write or i was busy. Its just that there are so many new things coming out every single day that i find it really

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Full Metal Panic

Full metal Panic teases important announcement! New Anime??

Full Metal Panic – There were rumor going on for quite a while on all over the internet, which forecasts the second series of Full Metal Panic which will cover the entire story! Looks like this rumor might soon become truth. Synopsis Equipped with cutting-edge weaponry and specialized troops, a private military organization named Mithril

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Naruto Shikamaru story

Naruto Light Novels TV Anime adaptation – Set 2 years after the war

Naruto light novels РWraparound jacket band on Hinata Shou, Konoha Shinden Yukemuri Ninpou-chou novel volume is announcing on Thursday that a television anime adaptation for three Naruto Hiden/Shinden Novels also known as Hidden story novels or True story novels has been green lit. The new TV Anime will air in winter 2016, after the end

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