Gintama web series

Gintama web series inspired by Live action confirmed for 15th July

Docomo’s DTV streaming service announced on Friday i.e today that, the live action movie version of Hideki Sorachi’s Gintama Manga is getting, “Gintama web series” which will air on the streaming service on 15th July 2017. The web series will feature the same actors from the movie, and will adapt the original story from Manga.

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Blade of the Immortal Live action director and Original author

Blade of the immortal author rejected Hollywood live action offer

To promote the theatrical run of the live action movie of Blade of the immortal manga, the original author and the director of the movie attended a talk show held by “Animate Shinjuku Store” in Tokyo yesterday i.e on 14th may 2017. And during a Q&A session the original manga author revealed that, in the

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no uso live action movie

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso live action movie review – Heart break

This is my second live action movie review, the very first live action movie i reviewed was Bakuman movie. Shigatsu wa kimi no uso live action movie is the second movie, which i am reviewing on this site, I don’t know why i am doing this, maybe to tell you how amazing the movie was,

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Ajin live action teaser - Satoh Takeru

Ajin Live ActionTeaser features Rurouni kenshin’s lead Satoh Takeru

Ajin live action teaser featuring Satoh Takeru, the actor who played the role of Himura kenshin, the live action movie of Rurouni kenshin is out. This time Satoh Takeru is playing the lead role of the main character “Nagai Kei” in Ajin live action movie. The movie was announced last year in November 2016, you

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Gintama Live action trailer

Gintama Live Action Trailer shows Action scenes & Gintama world!!

The official website of Gintama live action movie released Gintama live action trailer which features some action scenes from the movie and the cast of benizakura arc. The trailer also shows Gintama’s world i.e earth occupied by extraterrestrial beings or aliens. Gintama Live Action Trailer New key visual and cast working in the movie The

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Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Movie Main Leads

Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Movie Teaser is here Your Views?

Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Movie Teaser –┬áThe official website for Tokyo ghoul live action movie started streaming the very first teaser for the movie which also features, Kaneki ken with mask. The teaser also introduces the main casts. This is also Shimizu Fumika’s last film as she resigned from the industry to join the religious

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