top 10 worst japanese live action movies

Top 10 worst Japanese live action movies voted by Japanese fans!!

Top 10 worst Japanese live action movies – Recently goo ranking, held a poll for the worst Japanese live action movies based on anime/manga. If you want you can see the entire list on their official website because we’re only dealing with the movies that are in the Best 10 or Top 10. Entire list

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Top 13 Live Action Movies coming in 2017 you must watch!!

Top 13 Live Action Movies – There has been rise in Anime and Manga Live Action Movie adaptation, that’s because Live Action Movies earn more money compared to Anime and Manga. Next year 2017 is the biggest evidence of this statement as majority of big name anime or manga series have scheduled live action movie

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Top 10 interesting things about Naruto and Masashi Kishimoto

Top 10 things interesting things – Naruto and Naruto shippuden are both anime series who gained world wide popularity and its source material Naruto Manga and its creator Masashi Kishimoto also gained world wide popularity. The Manga ended long time ago while the anime series is still going on, So we decided to tell you

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Kodoku No Gurume

Kodoku No Gurume – Its awesome drama but it will make you hungry!!

Kodoku No Gurume – Cultures of Japanese people can be found in their movies and dramas. But there are not much dramas which shows reality of their lifestyle or real aspects of their lifestyle. While i wrote post on Top 17 Japanese dramas that you need to watch right now! I didn’t made another list

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Top 17 Japanese Drama You need to watch right now!

Top 17 Japanese Drama – Well from the past two weeks i have been into Japanese Dramas and to be honest i have watched quite number of shows. Each drama that i watch urges me to watch more and more and i am still on the quest of searching some good Japanese dramas and movies.

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Anime Live Action Movies

Top 10 Anime Live Action Movies You should Watch Now!

Well guys i kinda got hooked to movies after watching Deadpool Movie so i thought i will do a recommendation posts on Anime live Action Movies. Also it has been quite a while since i wrote anything about live action genre. So here it is : Presenting you the list of Top 10 Anime live

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