Gintama Live action trailer

Gintama Live Action Trailer shows Action scenes & Gintama world!!

The official website of Gintama live action movie released Gintama live action trailer which features some action scenes from the movie and the cast of benizakura arc. The trailer also shows Gintama’s world i.e earth occupied by extraterrestrial beings or aliens. Gintama Live Action Trailer New key visual and cast working in the movie The

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Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Movie Main Leads

Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Movie Teaser is here Your Views?

Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Movie Teaser – The official website for Tokyo ghoul live action movie started streaming the very first teaser for the movie which also features, Kaneki ken with mask. The teaser also introduces the main casts. This is also Shimizu Fumika’s last film as she resigned from the industry to join the religious

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Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Teaser 2 - Ed and Al

Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Teaser 2 Shows Human Transmutation!!

Fullmetal Alchemist Live action teaser 2 is out and it features Edward Elric and Alohonse Elric as kids performing the Human transmutation, also known as Jintai Rensei in Japanese. The trailer also features action scenes in Lior town, where Edward fights against chimera for the first time, The second trailer or the second teaser, also

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Hideaki Anno at Shin Godzilla x Evangelion symphony event

Hideaki Anno to fans : Evangelion & Shin Godzilla movies incoming!!

Madman entertainment official twitter account revealed on Wednesday – Hideaki Anno asked fans to expect next installment of Shin Godzilla movie and Evangelion movie at the live event of Shin Godzilla x Evangelion symphony, which took place at Orchid hill, Shibuya. Hideaki Anno announcement & Event details Employee of Madman entertainment who attended the event

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Netflix death note movie

Netflix Death Note Movie trailer is out shows Light and Ryuk!

Netflix’s official twitter account uploaded the very first official trailer of Netflix death note movie, which features Light and Ryuk! Nextflix will stream the film on its premier on 25th August 2017. Netflix death note movie trailer The following actors are working in this live action movie : Nat Wolf as Light Turner Keith Stanfield as

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Jojo's bizarre adventure live action movie trailer

Jojo’s bizarre adventure live action movie trailer – Its worst ever!!

Jojo’s bizarre adventure is my all time favorite anime series, so when the Jojo’s bizarre adventure live action was announced i was not expecting something great. I knew the trailer would be bad but i didn’t expected it to be so bad. This is probably the best way to f**k up a good series! Synopsis The

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