Taira yuna as Hishiro Chizuru

ReLiFE live action movie with original ending is now confirmed!!

ReLiFE live action movie – ReLIFE was the most inspiring anime of this year and what’s more all the episodes were released on a single day. The Anime first streamed on ReLIFE channel app before the TV Broadcast. Now it is announced that ReLIFE will get a live action movie adaptation and the movie will

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Bleach live action movie shoot images from the set – Looks like cosplay!!

Bleach live action movie shoot images – Well today i came across a thread on Bleach live action movie, topic of discussion was “Images of Bleach live action movie shooting.” Which features Fukushi Sota playing the lead role of Kurosaki Ichigo and it looks like cosplay Bleach live action movie shoot images Images are taken

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Jojo's bizarre adventure

Jojo’s bizarre adventure diamond is unbreakable gets live action movie!!

Jojo’s bizarre adventure – TOHO and Warner Bros announced at press conference on Wednesday that both are collaborating for the first time to produce live action movie adaptation of Jojo’s bizarre adventure diamond is unbreakable Manga written by Araki Hirohiko. The Movie is set to release in Summer 2017 in Japan. Synopsis The year is 1999.

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Ghost in the shell live action

Ghost in the shell Live Action 5 teasers are out and it looks Aesthetic!!

Ghost in the shell live action teasers – So now paramount pictures have finally began streaming teaser clips for Ghost in the shell live action film starring  Scarlett johansson. Here are the all five teasers of the movie, you can watch them below! Ghost in the Shell Live Action Teaser 01 Ghost in the Shell Live

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Gintama Live Action Film

Gintama live action film add more cast to the film!!

Gintama live action film – Previously we announced that Gintama was getting live action movie starring”Oguri Shun” as “Sakata Gintoki” and along with that we also revealed the cast for the movie. Now the movie has introduced some new cast and the list of the actors working in this movie is as given below :-

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Kodoku No Gurume

Kodoku No Gurume – Its awesome drama but it will make you hungry!!

Kodoku No Gurume – Cultures of Japanese people can be found in their movies and dramas. But there are not much dramas which shows reality of their lifestyle or real aspects of their lifestyle. While i wrote post on Top 17 Japanese dramas that you need to watch right now! I didn’t made another list

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