Naruto Spin off Manga

Naruto Spin off Manga Review – Orochimaru’s son Mitsuki’s Origin

Naruto Spin Off Manga Review – Boruto Manga series sequel to the original Naruto Manga series going to make its first debut in May, the Manga is drawn by Masashi Kishimoto’s assistant and Kishimoto himself is assisting with the story. It was announced that Kishimoto will write a spin off manga which is originally a

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life manga

Life Manga Review – Beautiful Scary Sad and Emotional

Life Manga Review – Yesterday i was looking for a good Japanese dramas, My friend recommended me one drama and the name was “Life.” I did some research and found out that, the drama was adapted from Manga “Life” written by Suenobu Keiko and the drama was made of 11 episodes. In 2006 this Manga

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One Piece Manga chapter 815-818 Review and Reaction

Days ago I reviewed One Piece Manga chapter 814 and did some prediction on Sanji’s past and Vinsmoke family. Although the later released chapters of one piece ingeniously proved some of my prediction wrong and revealed something even great. Although if you’re interested in reading the review on Chapter 814 and predictions on future chapters

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karate shoukoushi kohinata minoru

karate shoukoushi kohinata minoru Review

I’ve been reading “karate shoukoushi kohinata minoru” So in this post i will review it and will also tell you the reason of why Manga despite being awesome didn’t get an Anime adaption. A couple of days ago i finished with “History’s strongest disciple kenichi” and i was kinda addicted to the similar story-line and

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One Piece - Sanji

One Piece Chapter 814 Review and further Predictions

One Piece is one of the legendary Manga japan ever had and the Anime also doesn’t disappoint. While every One Piece fan is aware with the dark past strawhat member had there was still a loopehole which remained all these years and that was Sanji’s origin. While every strawhat members had their origins revealed while

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Arachnid Manga

Arachnid Manga Complete Review [Update – Don’t read this trash]

Arachnid Manga is a Manga, Which you can say pure epic when it comes to the amazing number of twist each and every chapter. And also the fighting techniques used by all characters. Despite of the pure epicness and awesome fights the Manga didn’t get an Anime adaption, But still the Manga is worth reading.

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