Baki the Grappler

Grappler Baki returns – New anime trailer reveals the staff members!!

Grappler Baki also known as Baki the grappler gets another new project this time on the occasion of 25th anniversary of Baki the grappler Manga. The official website started streaming the trailer for the new “original anime DVD” i.e OAD. The video previews the anime and final fight with Hanma Baki’s father Hanma Yujiro. Who is known

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Chiruran Shinsengumi Requiem Poster

Chiruran Shinsengumi Requiem Manga gets TV Anime Adaptation

Chiruran Shinsengumi Requiem – The wraparound jacket band of 16th compiled volume of Umemaru Shinya and Hashimoto Eiji’s “Chiruran Shinsengumi Chinkon-Ka” also known as “Chiruran : Shinsengumi Requiem” Manga announced on Tuesday that the Manga is receiving television anime series adaptation. The anime series of Historical Shinsengumi founder is set to premier in the month

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Osamu Akimoto kochikame author

Osamu Akimoto kochikame author is going to publish 4 Manga in 2017

Osamu Akimoto kochikame author – Well guys talk about dedication, Kochikame just ended and now the author of Kochikame Osamu Akimoto is planning to launch 4 new Manga series next year! Well guys  don’t get surprised until you get detailed news! Osamu Akimoto kochikame author publishes 4 new Manga This year’s 42nd issue of Shueisha’s

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iShoujo author fulfills promise

ishoujo Author fulfills promise for hentai art of his manga characters!!

iShoujo author fulfills promise – On 6th September the iShoujo author and creator Takayama Toshinori promised a racy award for his fans after he gets 10,000 retweets on his tweet! Basically he will reveal hentai art (nude art) of his character “Bunny Pink” and “Ayu Yuzuki” on Jump Plus. The current art he tweeted shows

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Gintama teases new surprising news

Gintama teases new surprising news after the live action movie!!

Gintama teases new surprising news – This year’s 42nd issue of weekly shounen jump magazine, is reporting on Saturday that next issue will have huge announcement on-ultra surprising news after the announcement of Gintama live action movie!! The magazine already confirmed that live action movie of Gintama is going to be released in next year

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Boruto Manga Chapter 2-5 Review

Boruto Manga Chapter 2-5 Review – Art quality gets better every chapter

Boruto Manga chapter 2-5 Review – OK, so i remember i did said that i won’t review the chapters of Boruto Manga until they deal with the flashback from Boruto Naruto the Movie. But then again i didn’t said that i would completely abandon the Manga. So today, i finally decided to check the Manga, since

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