Slow start Manga Anime adaptation is now confirmed!!

Japanese news website Yaraon! reported that “Slow start manga” is getting anime adaptation. The news was first revealed in June issue of “Houbunsha’s Manga time Kirara Magazine.” The manga was first launched in the year 2013 and is written and illustrated by Tokumi Yuiko. Slow start manga anime adaption details So far, they just revealed

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Dragon ball Super ending confirmed by Toyotaro

Dragon ball Super ending – illustrator Toyotaro confirms in comic con

Apparently, during the Napoli comic con that took place in Italy, the successor of Toriyama Akira, confirmed that Dragon ball Super ending is coming near. The Napoli comic con took place in the city of Naples, where the illustrator Toyotaro for the Dragon ball Super manga was present at the event and during the Q&A

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Keijo Manga – The Aquatic Sports Manga will end on Wednesday [Updated]

According to this year’s 22nd and 23rd combined issue of Shogakukan’s weekly Shounen Sunday magazine, Sorayomi Daichi will publish the final chapter of Keijo Manga on Wednesday and will thus conclude the story of Manga. Along with that it also revealed that the Manga’s 16th volume will ship in the month of May, 17th volume

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Initial D author to start new manga

Initial D Author to start Car Racing Manga once again this summer!!

The early 18th issue of this year’s “Kodansha’s young magazine” which will be released on 3rd April 2017, has revealed that Initial D Manga author Shuuichi Shigeno to start a new car racing series once again!. ¬†Along with that this 18th issue will also have final chapter of Shigeno Shuuichi’s ‘Sailor Ace’ manga. In other

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Ramen daisuki koizumi san anime adaptation

Ramen daisuki Koizumi san Manga gets Anime adaptation!!

According to Japanese news source “Comic natalie” early 23rd issue of Takeshobo’s Manga life storia magazine revealed on Tuesday that, Gourmet food manga “Ramen Daisuki Koizumi San” is getting television anime adaptation, Studio Gokumi is handling the animation of the anime series. What’s Ramen daisuki Koizumi san Manga is about? The manga revolves around female

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High School of the Dead Mangaka passes away at the age of 52!!

Writer and Mangaka Satou Daisuke the one who’s responsible for writing Zombie apocalypse manga, High school of the dead passes away at the age of 52 due to ischemic heart disease. News details on the High school of the dead mangaka Satou daisuke’s work includes popular High school zombie apocalypse manga High school of the

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