Dragon ball Spin off Manga

Dragon ball Spin off Manga where Yamcha is the strongest??

Dragon ball Spin off Manga – Looks like “Akira Toriyama” hates when people makes fun of Yamcha, That’s why this time he decided to give him a new look with new Dragon ball spin off manga that takes place in an alternate world of Dragon ball where Yamcha is strongest of all! Dragon ball Spin

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Bleach Soul King Past

Bleach Soul King past to be revealed 2017 – Plot Details

Bleach Soul King past РThe combined second and third issue of weekly shounen jump magazine is revealed more details for the light novel of Bleach that are going to be released next year and it says that the light novel of bleach are covering the soul king arc, that never got a single coverage in

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One Piece Manga

One Piece Manga Enters Kaido arc in 2017 – Revealed by Editor

One Piece Manga Enters Kaido arc in 2017 – As the title suggest, it seems the One Piece Manga is going to enter kaido’s arc in 2017. The editor of One Piece from Shueisha’s weekly shounen jump magazine revealed it on the live stream yesterday. Synopsis Gol D. Roger, a man referred to as the

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Nanatsu No Tazai Manga

Nanatsu No Tazai Manga on Hiatus till Jan 2017 Author Hospitalized

Nanatsu No Tazai Manga – The first early issue of weekly shounen jump magazine of 2017 announced that Nanatsu No Taizai Manga Author will put Manga on hiatus till January 2017. Hence the manga will be on break because the author will be going through a surgery. As for now there is no chapter scheduled

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Boruto next generation anime Featured

Boruto next generation anime confirmed!! Jump Festa 2016

Boruto next generation anime – Ok, hands down guys next year is going to be an awesome one. Not only code geass and gintama are coming back with new anime series but, Boruto next generation anime is coming too!! Yes you heard that right. Boruto next generation Anime Details A few days ago we posted

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Top 07 Popular Manga totally different compared to today!!

Top 07 Popular Manga that were totally different –¬†Managas like One Piece, Dragonball Naruto etc. are lot popular today among the all mainstream shounen series. But there are few things that are not known to many of the people about these popular series. So in this article we will see top 07 popular manga which

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