Borutp Naruto next generations schedule May 2017

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Schedule May 2017 [Complete]

The complete version of Boruto Naruto next generations schedule May 2017 is out and it focuses more on Boruto’s new eye power, that we have seen countless of times in previous episodes. The schedule is from 3rd May 2017 to 7th June 2017 along with the episode names and their summary. Note : Episode 5th summary

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Fairy tai manga ending

Fairy tail Manga ending in 2 more volumes – Hiro Mashima

Fairy tail manga ending in two more volumes, Hiro Mashima confirmed it in the latest released volume as per YonkouProductions on twitter. He also expressed to work on the new manga after dealing with Fairy Tail Manga, along with that he mentioned that he will feel empty after completing the series but, even more than

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Takeda Hinata – Gosick illustrator passed away due to unspecified illness

The author of Gosick light novel Sakuraba Kazuki announced on her official blog that the illustrator of Gosick light novel series “Takeda Hinata” passed away due to an unspecified illness. The June issue of Kadokawa’s Dragon age magazine also reported Takeda Hinata’s death today. She also authored and illustrated “Yaeka no Karte” manga series. Details

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DBZ The Real 4D : Goku SSJ Blue vs Broly God Introduced in 4D!!

So we are all aware of the fact that a new DBZ movie is coming out in 4D, titled as “DBZ The real 4D” apparently for the new story of that movie. The universal studios in Japan introduced Broly as a “God”. Well, i am not talking about the female broly but i talking about

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Naruto Animation Chronicle Book : Kishimoto on Killing off old characters

A new book was released in Japan, titled as, “Naruto Animation Chronicle Book”, its the second encyclopedia book of Naruto anime, which includes interview of Masashi Kishimoto and his illustration. But what’s important there is not the illustrations but its the interview, where Kishimoto speaks on killing of the old characters in the Manga and Anime.

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Spice & Wolf new novel to be released on May 10 – Dengeki Bunko

The official twitter account of Dengeki Bunko announced that a new novel of Spice & Wolf series will be released on 10th May 2017. The new novel is even mentioned in their new releases on their official website. If you want you can see the official announcement here – On their official website. Read this –

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