Relife anime final arc

ReLiFE Anime Final Arc airs on March 2018 : 4 Episodes Only!!

Producers of the ReLIFE Anime announced that, ReLIFE Anime final arc will be released on March 2018. The anime will wrap up the story of ReLIFE series within four episodes!. According to Japanese news site Moca News, this information was first revealed at the special event hosted today i.e April 23rd 2017, at Kawaguchi cultural

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Keijo Manga – The Aquatic Sports Manga will end on Wednesday [Updated]

According to this year’s 22nd and 23rd combined issue of Shogakukan’s weekly Shounen Sunday magazine, Sorayomi Daichi will publish the final chapter of Keijo Manga on Wednesday and will thus conclude the story of Manga. Along with that it also revealed that the Manga’s 16th volume will ship in the month of May, 17th volume

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Sukasuka Anime’s Child Voice Actress is a First Grader!!

At Anime japan 2017 i.e on Sunday, during the presentation of new Sukasuka Anime (Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii Desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desu ka? ) kadokawa introduced a youngest voice actress, who is actually a first grader, called “Okada Hikari” Anime Japan 2017 was her first ever public appearabce as a voice actress,

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Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Movie Main Leads

Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Movie Teaser is here Your Views?

Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Movie Teaser –¬†The official website for Tokyo ghoul live action movie started streaming the very first teaser for the movie which also features, Kaneki ken with mask. The teaser also introduces the main casts. This is also Shimizu Fumika’s last film as she resigned from the industry to join the religious

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Kazunori Mizuno – Naruto & Bleach animator passed away!!

The famous Naruto and Bleach Animator – Kazunori Mizuno, passed away due to overwork (Karoushi) at the age of 52. He passed away on 19th March 2017, but his death wasn’t made public until his colleagues broke the news on twitter¬†yesterday i.e on 9th April 2017. You can read the news on twitter revealed by

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Himouto Umaru Chan Season 2

Himouto Umaru Chan Season 2 confirmed for this fall 2017

Himouto Umaru chan Season 2 is now officially confirmed!! The announcement was made in this year’s 20th issue of “Weekly young Magazine” and the official website and twitter account of anime series also revealed this news on 8th April!. The official website for the anime series also introduced a promotional teaser stating the anime’s return

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