Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 Spoilers - Tournament starts

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 Spoilers – Tournament Starts!!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 Spoilers has been released and finally, we’re getting confirmed that the tournament of power is going to start. The information came from the reliable source called “Herms98” that briefly describes how and what will happen before the tournament of power… However looking at the slow pace of the series, it

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Ensemble Girls!!

Ensemble Girls!! App to ends its service on 30th November 2017

Ensemble Girls!! developer Happy Elements K.K announced a sad news on Twitter. The developer Happy Elements K.K of the smartphone game Ensemble Girls!! announced on its official website and Twitter that the app will end its service on Nov. 30th on Wednesday, June 14. According to Anime News Network, other details will be announced within

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E3 2017 Nintendo Announcements

E3 2017 Announcement: Nintendo Reveals Exciting news to Its Switch Gamers!

Nintendo hosted the E3 2017 and here are the highlights! Nintendo was the one who hosted the E3 2017 press conference. Just like most people expect, there have been big announcements during the event. Two of the announcements that triggered excitement to many gamers are a new Pokemon RPG for Switch and Metroid Prime 4.

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Resident Evil Vandetta

Anime Expo to Screen Resident Evil: Vendetta Film Ahead of N. American Premiere

Good news for Resident Evil fans. The first nine minutes of the CG-animated film Resident Evil: Vendetta has been streamed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The final screening will be on Saturday, July 1, which will be followed by a question and answer session with lead voice actors Kevin Dorman as Chris Redfield and John Demita

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Violet Evergarden New Promo Video

Violet Evergarden new promo video reveals January 2018 release date!!

The official website of upcoming new Violet Evergarden TV anime made by none other than Kyoto Animation revealed Violet Evergarden new promo video, that reveals the release date of the anime series. Along with it also revealed the voice actress’s name who will be playing the lead role in the anime series. Violet Evergarden new

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Doraemon Anime

Doraemon Film of 2018 Inspired by Stevenson’s Treasure Island Novel

Doraemon film will open in theaters March 2018. Eiga Doraemon: Nobita no Takarajima (Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s Treasure Island) is the title of the new Doraemon movie as revealed by the staff of the anime franchise. This is the 38th film of this anime’s franchise. This movie is based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous novel

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